The Fridge and Freezer

Just as with the pantry, there are some fridge basics to keep handy:

Low-fat milk
Eggs (and egg whites and egg substitute)
Bell peppers (all colors!)
Plain Greek yogurt
Parmesan cheese (not that grated crap in the green can)
Another cheese or two, like cheddar, Swiss, Gruyere or feta
Beer. You should always have beer in the fridge. Yeah.

fresh fruits (no sugar added)
ginger root (fresh, unpeeled. it keeps forever in the freezer. peel and grate as you need it)
chicken breasts
center cut pork chops
pork tenderloin
pork shoulder
stew beef
ground venison
salmon steaks
cooked shrimp
homemade soups

As you can see, we try to stay away from prepared foods as much as possible. I’m very happy to add my own salt and fat, thank you very much.


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