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Apple Pancakes with Vanilla Glaze

My favorite nine year old is coming for brunch today. There will be three adults and one child, so naturally, I am cooking with the little one in mind. He is my grandson, or as my guy calls him, “your other boyfriend”. Yeah. So?

I know I haven’t shared this yet, but my fella and I are on Weight Watchers. Awesome program and really working for us. Especially for him (darn men, they lose weight so much more easily than us girls). So, those Weight Watcher people really have this stuff figured out and everything I cook gets calculated, weighed and portioned out. As I did a quick search for whole wheat pancake recipes, looking for one not as heavy as my traditional recipe, I came across this one from She’s done all the Weight Watchers work for me! Yippee!

So there you will find the basics. But it’s fall and that means apple season here in upstate New York, and I felt like working some into breakfast.

I finely chopped a cup of Empire apple (about one medium apple) and added it to the prepared batter.

I wanted something other than the expected maple syrup to go over top, and so concocted this simple very yummy glaze:

Vanilla Cinnamon Glaze

3 T plain fat free Greek yogurt

1-2 T low fat milk

1/2 t vanilla extract

1/2 t cinnamon

1 t Splenda. or sugar, or honey, or brown sugar

dash of nutmeg.  (I tossed some in the pancake batter too, just because I love nutmeg)

Stir together well. It should be the consistency of a confectioner’s sugar cookie glaze.

Pour over hot pancakes, serve with some very crispy bacon and enjoy!

This recipe got the “mmm, mmm, MMMM!” from my man. That’s code for “oh lord, this is great, please make it again”.