About Us

We really like to eat good food. All different kinds of food. Asian, Indian, Grandma’s comfort food, Mexican, and most of all, Italian. We both have busy jobs and used to be in the habit of eating out most evenings during the week while I cooked at home on the weekends when I had more time.
I travel a couple days a week with my job, so restaurant meals are a necessity. Until recently, He (no, not god) used these evenings alone as grand opportunities to eat chicken wings.
Ever so slowly, even though we tried to be careful about what we ate (apart from the chicken wings), we both started to put on a few more pounds than we were comfortable with. Ten to fifteen. Neither of us were obese, but since we were both skinny kids, even for most of our adult lives, even ten pounds didn’t feel right.
Eating at home, where we could control the fats and portion sizes seemed like a must-do lifestyle change for us. Fortunately, one of us like to cook and the other is grateful enough for what gets cooked to be enthusiastic about cleaning up.
I’m quite a creative cook. I rarely use a recipe, except for inspiration, and never write down what I’ve done. I figure if it is worth remembering, I will!
Except that I don’t.
And sometimes, He (He being my spousal equivalent who prefers to remain nameless) would really like me to make the same thing twice.
And now that my children are out on their own, I field a lot of phone calls asking how to make this, or what goes into that. This is usually followed by, “well, don’t you have it written down somewhere?”.
Hence this blog, where I will do my best to document what I cook.
If you enjoy it as well, all the better.


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