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Asiago Green Beans

Green Beans Asiago 1

When we sat down to eat these, my guy let loose with an “oh, my god!” that made me think he broke a tooth or ate something unintended. No, the veggies were just that good. “They taste like candy!”, he followed up with. I was forced to agree. Good stuff here.

Trim the ends off 2 cups of fresh green beans. Slice a red or orange bell pepper into strips roughly the thickness of the green beans. Same with a 1/2 cup Mayan or Vidalia onion.

Spray with olive oil, add a sprinkle of sea salt and roast at 425, turning once or twice until they are all nicely browned. Grate about an ounce of Asiago cheese over top, toss and serve. You’re gonna love ’em.