Lightened-Up Twice Baked Potatoes

I love a potato. I love, love, love a potato. While they are quite nutritious, they do pack the carbs and rack up the WW points. So, I think to myself, how can I have more than a half a potato without blowing the total intake for the day? While I was thinking, I was roasting vegetables and tossed in a couple Idaho bakers to have with the veggie-and-meat-loaf I was making for dinner. I put them right beside the cauliflower.
Roasted cauliflower has a terrific popcorn-like flavor; roasting really mellows it out. So much so that it would work really well with a potato!
I let both roast in a 375 degree oven until the cauliflower started to brown and the potatoes were just fork-tender.
I sliced off the top third of the potatoes, scooped them out, and put the innards in the food processor along with an equal amount of cauliflower, about 5 tablespoons of Greek yogurt (use sour cream if you like, but the Greek yogurt is packed with protein and has zero fat). Add salt and pepper, a few splashes of milk to get the consistency you like, whirr until smooth and refill the potato skins. Pop them back in the oven until the tops start to brown a bit.
Twice as much potato for the same amount of points.
I didn’t tell my dinner partner about this until after he had devoured his. Mostly because I was doing the same and my mouth was never empty long enough to form a complete sentence.
He had no suspicion. And he is not a cauliflower fan.
I’ll be doing this as standard practice from now on.


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