I love looking at food.

Punchfork is my current favorite place to browse. It’s kind of like looking in the bakery window, but with more than just pastry. Pretty pictures, quick links to great food blogs and sites; what’s not to like?

See a great recipe? Sure, go ahead and use it. Me? Well, I just use them as a jumping off point.

Today, for instance, here it is mid-afternoon already. I took the day off to catch up on some things I’ve been neglecting. Like my manicure, a sewing project, holding my daughter’s brand new baby girl. You know, important stuff.  Anyway, I’ve got some free time to plan for dinner and I find myself uninspired. So, off to Punchfork I go.

It’s a sleety, chilly day, so I feel like making some warm-and-cozy food. Maybe a meat and fruit thing. That’s very fall-like. Yeah, we’ll go with that.

A quick search for pork (I know I have a couple center cut chops in the freezer) and apples (a bag of tart ones keeping cool in the garage) and look what I find! The Pioneer Woman does it for me again!

Except she uses a pork shoulder roast and I don’t have one. Nor do I have apple juice.

But I do have those center cut chops, and apples, onion, pecans, and white wine to sub for the juice. I can do this. I wish I had wild rice -it looks so good in her pics- but I do have jasmine brown rice, which will work just fine. And some fresh green beans will round out the meal quite nicely. It’s all about variations on a theme.  And since I’m going to sear and pan cook the pork, mine will be ready in half the time.

Stay tuned for the details….


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